Frontline Commando – Android Game Review


Last week Glu Mobile released a new Android game called Cut the Cheese: Rise of the Fudge Dragon, and what do they choose for their follow-up? A great looking 3rd person shooter called Frontline Commando. This proves that you never know what Glu has up their sleeves, as they go from putting out a game with a farting theme one week just to come out with a 3D shooter the next.


Frontline Commando throws you into the action quickly; when you first start the game you’re put right into the battle with only a gun, some ammo, and a little bit of cover. Lucky for us controlling your commando is easy as you’ll simply drag your finger around the screen to aim, and tap the firing icon to shoot. After you take out your first set of foes you’re given “cover points” that let you run from side to side and a duck button so you can drop down for cover. As the missions progress you’re given a few some other cool functions like the ability to call in an air strike if the battle gets to heavy. The basic formula is fire, duck, fire, change cover, etc… it’s pretty straightforward, but still a lot of fun.


The gameplay is mission based although I’m unsure of how many missions there are in the storyline as I really just got into the meat of the game.  As with most Glu Games weapons & equipment are purchased with cash earned from missions/kills and the best ones will sot you Glu Credits. There are around 20 weapons to buy and 9 of those will cost you credits while the others can be bought with cash. The credit/gun ratio still kind of sucks with the weapons, but I will say there are some pretty cool guns like the Mindblower or the Typhoon. Want to buy a pack of 3 airstrikes? That will run you 15 Glu Credits; the same can be said for medkits or any other item. You can get earn free credits for completing some free offers, otherwise if you want them they’re gonna’ cost you.


Glu Mobile has released quite a few games of late and Frontline Commando is another nice addition to their lineup. The game is solid graphically and has been quite a bit of fun to play thus far, but the aiming could use a little fine tuning as it got a bit jerky occasionally. I also felt like I had to knock their game a bit (as usual) for the expensive weapon/credit system as well. Personally, I’d prefer to pay 5 bucks for a full version and be able to use all the weapons & items in the game with money earned from the missions, but hey… that’s just me. As a whole though, they did a great job on Frontline Commando and if you like shooters you should definitely give it a whirl. You can pick up Frontline Commando for free in the Android market.


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