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Game Dev Story is a great game put out by Kairosoft Co Ltd. that puts you in charge of running your own Video Game company. You get to do a little bit of everything in this simulation game from hiring employees, producing the actual games and essentially running the business.  The game has a great, retro 8-bit feel and is very easy to play.  It’s actually extremely hard to stop playing once you start, and has a lot of depth along with some great features.

Gameplay and Features

There are tons of different tasks to perform in this game that will keep you busy for a while. You can recruit new staff members, which include jobs like coders, writers, sound tech’s and artists.  Hiring is done through several different means such as Magazine and Online ads along with word of mouth. Money is always an issue, so you’ll need to pay attention on how much you spend on hiring vs. training.

After your staff is set your going to want to make some money.  You can either develop your own game or do freelance contract work for others to get some quick cash. When you’re developing a new game you get to choose the platform, genre, type and the direction of the game as far as speed vs. quality. Once you get going there are limitless amounts of combinations to choose from, unlocking new ones as the game progresses.

Your completed games are reviewed and ranked by video game magazines, giving you an idea of how they will perform. You can use advertising to increase your sales and the companies popularity. There are “release events” every so often that introduce new consoles on the market that you can develop for once you acquire the rights. As you move further into the game, you get the ability to hire better employees, win awards and can even create your own gaming console.


If you enjoy simulation games, you will probably lose hours of your life to Game Dev Story.  Once you start playing it’s extremely easy to get sucked into the storyline, especially when your able to produce your own gaming consoles.  The game has a lot of depth, and the replay factor has been impressive so far. That being said, there are a few areas that could use a little improvement.  Sometimes it can get a little old having to do the same tasks repeatedly as well as having a somewhat limited hiring pool.  They have a free version available in the market as well as the paid version for 4.95. Overall, it’s a fun and original game well worth checking out.

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