GeoBee Challenge Educational Android Game Review

It’s easy to praise National Geographic Society’s new Android game called GeoBee Challenge. For one thing, it’s highly educational and will certainly help you freshen up your world geography knowledge. However, it is not a free app ($2.99) – so some of you may hesitate to get this app since aside from the knowledge base that it contains, it only does one thing – quiz you world geography. Parents who like to train their kids for any quiz bee will definitely find GeoBee Challenge Android game worthy of its price.

GeoBee Challenge is a fun and educational Android game for both kids and parents. The questions are compiled from the official list of past National Geographic GeoBee questions and will challenge your geographic knowledge and help you learn. To make the game a bit more exciting, it has three game play modes. These are – Map Challenge Round, Multiple-Choice Round and Bonus Round. In the Multiple-Choice round you will be presented with multiple choice questions from a library of more than 1,000 GeoBee questions. The Map Challenge Round requires you to pinch,  zoom and tap in identifying the locations called for by the question on the National Geographic Map. If you’ve mastered both rounds, you can still go on play the bonus round which will require you to identify locations as portrayed in National Geographic photographs. The key to winning each of the rounds in the game is of course – the speed at which you answer. The quicker you answer the questions correctly the more points you earn.  A timer bar colored blue will indicate how much time you have left to answer a question.

Overall, GeoBee does what it says – provide you with a fun tool for brushing up on your geographic knowledge without boring you too much with one challenging question after another. The app is pretty straightforward and I’m pretty sure you’ll find it easy to use.

GeoBee Challenge is available from the Android Market for $2.99.


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