Get your Plank on with Plank’d for Android – The Review


As strange as “Planking” seems, it’s become pretty popular as of late, and now there’s an Android app for it. PLANK’D is a planking game from N3V Games that lets you plank all over the place. If you don’t know what planking is, it’s where a person lays horizontally across anything with their arms’ by their sides… just like a plank of wood. It’s one of those things I never even actually thought about being made into a game, but I’m glad they did as it’s a lot of fun.


You basically pick your character, and get to planking! You touch the screen to jump, flip around to get score multipliers, and land (and stay still) on top of objects to get points. The left and right arrows give you a bit of movement, but that’s basically the only on-screen controls you have. It’s very easy to get started, and very hard to put down. A lot of the objects you can plank on have their own little effects like the water fountain and genie lamp just to name a few.


There are two modes of play in PLANK’D with a two minute timed mode and the un-timed free mode. You can definitely get your Plank on in the lite version, but the full version has 8 characters like a robot, bear, and an actual plank which was a nice touch. There are also 3 different locations to plank on which are the basketball court, the city, and the park. There is a lot to each area, and the sheer amount of things you can plank on is ridiculous. The game also has online leaderboards so you can check to see who the best planker around is.


PLANK’D is surprisingly addictive, and one of those games you just can’t seem to put down. The first time I picked it up I ended up playing for an hour as I wanted to see if I could go head first into the basketball goal. The amount of things you can plank on is virtually endless, and the extra characters in the paid version are a very cool addition. The pixel graphics are perfect; I also liked the “majestic” announcers voice in the background. PLANK’D is a great time-killer, and a blast to play. The light and paid versions of PLANK’D are available to download from the Android market.


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