Gingerbread Circus – Android Game Review


There have been quite a few Carnival themed Android games over the past month or so, and the latest is Gingerbread Circus by IOJOE.  Gingerbread Circus is not a circus simulation game, and you’re not going to be firing clowns from cannons either. So what is the Gingerbread Circus? Well, it’s a Circus run by the Gingerbread People of course!  They’ll have you popping balloons, bursting open piñatas, and you’ll even help an elephant or two out with the recycling. The little gingerbread people are always there to cheer you on and ensure that you have a good time…


There are two ways you’ll play Gingerbread Circus – with a tilt-to-aim system or tap-to-aim/throw. You’re weapon of choice is a throwing knife and you’re going to be chucking a lot of these as the game progresses. The levels vary quite a bit, and while you are basically doing the same thing (throwing knives) it never gets old. You’ll have a certain amount of lives each chapter as well as a certain amount of time to complete your objectives; some chapters will also limit your number of knives as well. They did a great job mixing up the variety of the levels and transitioning from tilt-to-aim to tap-to-aim; this approach helps to keeps it fresh as and changes the pace up quite nicely.


Gingerbread Circus has 80 stages that span 10 different chapters; you’ll get 40 stages in easy mode and 40 in hard mode. They do vary quite a bit, and are changed up a bit when you unlock hard mode.  The basics of the chapters are the same, but you’ll have less time and your targets will be setup a bit differently as well. You’ll use stars to unlock the next chapter in the game, and you can get up to five stars per chapter depending on your score. Another thing I liked was the fact you can calibrate your phone from within the game with the angled, flat or custom setting. This should be a standard feature in any game with tilt controls, but some games still leave it out… nice touch guys.


Gingerbread Circus was a blast to play, and the whole circus vibe was great. The gameplay was spot-on, and everything ran smooth as silk on my Captivate. I also got a kick out of all the little gingerbread men & their sayings; HAL 9000 (awesome) and The Bearded Lady are my two favorites so far. Gingerbread Circus is very easy game to pick up and play, and a pretty difficult game to put down. The free version of the game gives you the first three chapters which can you can play on easy or hard. The paid version of Gingerbread Circus gives you 10 chapters with 80 levels and can be yours for only .99 cents.


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