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Girl Scout Cookie Locator App Review

Today I heard about an Android app that let me know the day where there’s an app for everything had arrived.  The app is none other than the “Girl Scout Cookie Locator.” I really almost fell out of my chair when I found this, as I love Girl Scout cookies just like I love cool new apps. Let’s check this app out and see if we can find some cookies.

The opening screen is nice and even shows my favorite cookie, the Thin Mint!  There is a “find cookies nearby” feature that uses your GPS that really blew me away.  I just clicked the button, selected the time frame I wanted to find the cookies in, and a list of around 20 places popped up immediately.  It shows the times they’ll be there selling and can be sorted by date and proximity.  If you do not have your GPS turned on you can also search by City or Zip code.

A few other features are the Favorites and Fun sections. The Fun section allows you pick a cookie (only 5 to choose from) and it tells lets you know your cookie personality. The favorites part tells you a short blurb about the cookie and the nutritional information.  You can share all of your findings on Facebook, Twitter or through Email.

Besides the cool factor, I bet your wondering “Does it work?”  I’m happy to answer yes it does.  I used it yesterday and sure enough, there were some Girl Scouts right outside of Wal-Mart just like it promised. I have seen some complaints in the market from people saying it didn’t work or showed no cookies, so it may be hit or miss in some areas. This app may not save lives or teach you valuable lessons, but it will help you find cookies.