Google Brings the Ocean to Android Phones with Google Earth 1.1

Google has just released the new version of  its Google Earth 1.1 Android app. In case you have not used this app yet on your iPhone, it brings the same features as the Google Earth desktop app to your Android phone. Whereas before, the app only lets you view land mass and topography, now with the new version, Google Earth also lets you explore the vast ocean and what’s underneath.

Exploring the ocean was made possible by hundreds of photos and videos from more than 100 contributors who are excited to share stories of the sea. The app would be useful for planning for your next vacation spot by finding more about these spots through the little blue icons.

In addition, if you’re Android phone supports Flash which is possible only if your phone is running Android 2.2, you will now be able to watch videos right in the Google Earth balloon information holders. Navigating through Google Earth is now also made easier by introducing “two-finger gesture” to look around. This will also make it easier for you to tilt your view to see mountainous landscapes or underwater canyons.

Google Earth 1.1 is now available from the Android Market for Android devices running Android 2.1 and 2.2.


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