Google Chrome to Phone Android App is Pretty Cool, If Only Google Makes it Available to Anyone

Here’s something even better than Google Voice Actions announced by Google yesterday – Chrome to Phone. It’s so interesting since it interplays between two Google products – Google Chrome browser and Android OS on smartphones. To put it simply, this Android app lets you receive links you from your computer using the Chrome to Phone extension.

To use this feature, you need to install the extension on your Google Chrome browser. Hopefully, you’ve been using Google Chrome as your desktop browser already. If not, now maybe the best time to get the browser and see for yourself what you are missing while you continue to use other browser. Once you have the extension installed on Google Chrome, you need to install the Chrome to Phone Android app. Once both are set up, you can start clicking on the Chrome to Phone button on your browser if you want to send a web link, or a Google Maps information to your Android phone. Links will be sent to your browser and you can simply tap on it to open up the page. The same goes true for Google Maps information – the app will fire up your Android phone’s Google Maps app and display the information you’ve sent.

Suppose you’re reading an interesting article on your favorite news website and need to leave for an urgent appointment. Simply click the extension icon in your browser to send the link to your phone and the device’s browser will automatically open the link, ready for you to view on the go. Chrome to Phone also works seamlessly with Google Maps. Say you’ve looked up an address or driving directions on your desktop. Clicking the extension icon in your browser will push the information to the Google Maps app on your phone. YouTube videos work the same way with the extension. You can also select a phone number on a web page and send it to the dialer on your phone. Selected text can also be automatically copied from your browser and sent to your Android clipboard for later viewing.

Now, this completely blows me away. It’s such a great feature and I immediately installed the Chrome to phone extension and then searched for the app on the Android Market. But lo and behold, the app is not yet available. Google said that only the English version is available. Meaning, non-US country Android Marketplaces will not have it yet.

So, Google when are you making the Android app available to international Android Marketplaces? You just released a very great app that will surely one-app the iPhone and yet you won’t make it available for every Android users to use? If you want to make this Android app and Chrome Extension a success, release the Chrome to Phone Android app the soonest time possible.

If you’re in the U.S. and you’ve used the Chrome Extension and Android app, tell us how it goes by leaving a comment below.


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