Google Launches App Inventor to Turn All of Us into Android App Developer

Wow! Google has been pretty active with the Android platform lately. Aside from releasing its own Android app called Open Spot which makes it easier to find vacant parking slots, Google is pushing things further not with another app but a tool for you, well actually all of us to become Android app developer. The tool called App Inventor for Android is now open for anyone to register and become beta testers.

Yes, you read it correctly – anyone. Non-programmers or programmers can use the App Inventor for Android if you so desire. Just to give you a bit of background about the App Inventor for Android, Google has been already testing out the platform to some students in the U.S. for the past year. In other words, Google wants to turn the complicated task of programming Android application into a simple WYSIWYG, drag and drop procedure using blocks of pre-programmed codes.

But of course, while it App Inventor is making it easy to develop Android apps, that doesn’t mean that it will only allow you to create simple apps. Actually, the tool allows you to develop complex and powerful apps as well. According to Google, App Inventor will allow you to develop GPS-based apps, apps that utilizes the features of Android phones as well as apps that communicate with the web. In short, it’s the real deal in developing Android apps, only this time it’s much easier and practically anyone who has an Android phone can actually do it.

Is this another way for Google to beat the iPhone OS? That remains to be seen and would depend on how many would sign up for App Inventor and start creating cre

Interested with App Inventor for Android? Sign up by filling up this form.


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