Google Puts Gmail App in the Android Market, New Version Available for Download

For those of us who have been using Gmail Android app, we used to wait for Android OS updates to get the Gmail app updated as well. That is now changed as Google has finally made the Gmail app available from the Android Market. This means that you can now have your Android phone’s Gmail app updated even if there is no Android OS updates. You can have it updated just like any of the other Android apps. Unfortunately, the latest version of Gmail app only supports Android 2.2. So, if your Android phone is not running on Froyo yet, you may have to wait again before you can enjoy Gmail’s new features.

And these features are quite impressive including limited support for Priority Inbox feature which Google recently already introduced for the Gmail desktop app. So, if you’ve enabled Priority Inbox via the Gmail desktop version, you’d some of your emails flagged as “important” and you can even add a shortcut to this label to your home screen.

Aside from the Priority Inbox feature, the new Gmail Android app also now gives you quick access to your most important message as it will stick to the top of the screen as you scroll through conversation thread. You can now also view previous message content easily by simply tapping “Show Quoted Text” when viewing long conversation thread.

The new Gmail Android app is available now from the Android Market. You can search for it or scan the QR codes below to install the app.  Unfortunately, some international users could not get it running on their Android phones yet. Google forgot to indicate whether the Gmail App was available as a worldwide release or exclusive for now for the U.S. Market.


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