Google Releases Open Spot, a Cool App for Finding Parking Spot

Just how cool can Android apps get? I mean, what could be cooler than the new Android app called Open Spot which lets you find an open parking slot through your Android phone. Pretty cool, right?

Can you imagine how useful this would be on a busy day and you need to park your car as fast as you can because you’re late for  an appointment?  Open Spot is a free Android app developed by some Google engineers and you can download it from the Android Marketplace now.

But wait, how does Open Spot works?  The idea is that Android phone users mark open parking slots when they see  them available. They can also mark a parking spot that they are using right after they leave. Another Android phone user who is using the app to locate a vacant parking spot will then see the spot marked by other Open Spot users and go straight to the spot.

The app works within  a ~1.5 kilometer (km) / ~.9 mile (mi) radius of your location. This refreshes as you move. If you can’t find an open parking spot near you that could mean that there a not enough users of Open Spot in the area or there are no available parking slots.

And why would you want to mark a parking slot after you leave? To earn “karma” points. So, it’s like the check-in process of Foursquare and Gowalla. Only this time, it’s for a better purpose – helping others park their vehicles as fast as they could.

Like we said, the app is pretty cool. But its success will depend on the number of Android phone owners who will actually use it and voluntarily mark open parking spots for others to easily find.

Would you use Open Spot on your Android phone? Let us know by a leaving a comment below.

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