Got Some Free Time? Check Out These Games

imac-606765_640If you’re like millions of Android users, you use your phone for a variety of everyday things from an alarm in the morning to counting calories throughout the day and answering important work emails while on the go. Although your Android is an essential tool to help you get through a busy day, don’t forget to give yourself a little down time and check out these games:


Pokémon GO


The hype surrounding Pokémon GO has slowed down quite a bit since July, but it’s still popular, fun, and not too late to see what it’s all about. Not only is it an addicting game, it’s also a good excuse to get fresh air and a little exercise. Bonus? You can have fun while your pedometer app counts all the steps you take.




Who doesn’t love a good zombie storyline? While “The Walking Dead” fans are eagerly awaiting a release date the Season 3 game, you can still enjoy the first two. The TWD games are based off of Kirkman’s popular comic book series, have lifelike graphics, and an intense storyline. Even if you’re a hardcore zombie fan, you may want a break from the gritty intensity and check out Plants vs. Zombies (there’s also a 2). Don’t judge the game on it’s simple and almost cute graphics. Not only is it a challenging tower defense game, but it’s addicting, too.


Brain Games


We’ve all heard the saying, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Despite what others may say, video games are actually good for your brain and keep your mind working. If you have a hard time enjoying downtime, unless you think you are doing something productive, brain puzzles and other games may be more your style. Whether you want to sharpen your physics and engineering skills by playing Roll the Ball or work on improving your critical cognitive skills with Elevate, there are plenty of brain-friendly games for Android.


Platform Games


If you’ve been a fan of platform games ever since the early years of classics like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros., you’ll be happy to know that you can still play some great platform from the convenience of your Android. While you could go online and browse for some old school arcade games, why not check out Speedy Ninja or Spider-man Unlimited?


Casino Favorites


If, up until this point in your life, you’ve only played blackjack or poker in brick and mortar casinos, it’s time to check out online gambling (playing Solitaire on your old PC doesn’t count). Some of the great things about online gambling is that you can play it safely and conveniently while on the go. Want to play poker or baccarat? No problem. All you need to do is conduct a search by country, such as online casinos in Poland, refine your search by your device (Android) and you will find a handful of games that you can try your luck and enjoy your winnings.






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