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Guerilla Bob Released for Android


One of the most popular iOS games recently, Guerrilla Bob just landed on the Android Market. For those who have not played this game before on the iPhone or iPad, now is you chance to play this game on your Android phone or better yet on your Android tablets, specifically the Motorola XOOM. Guerrilla Bob features a not too hard and yet not too easy but solid game play and excellent graphics. This game deserves to be one of the best Android games of all time.

Game Play

As mentioned, Guerrilla Bob is arcade-style shooting game. It somewhat reminds me of one of my favorite arcade shooting game of all time – Metal Slug. Guerrilla Bob however is set on a forward-moving, top-down view while Metal Slug is plain side-scroller. The game has a nice storyline which you’ll find out before you play the game so we won’t tell you anymore about it. Of course you will control the game’s protagonist named Guerilla Bob. At your disposal are several cool weapons and machineries which you will use to eliminate all the baddies. The game is easy-to-pick up and finished within a couple of hours if you’re playing the easy mode. But try playing it on the hard setting and you’ll surely find it very challenging to finish.

The game features several game modes. Story Campaign which is split into Arcade Mode and Mercenary Mode.  The difference being you fight for fame in Arcade Mode and fortune in Mercenery Mode. You can also take up the Classic Survival Mode where you try to stay alive as enemies come rushing towards you in an enclosed environment. It’s like an endless shooting frenzy for as long as your health is not depleted. Then there’s the Wave Attack Mode where it gives you access to the shop to buy upgrades and new weapons.

Finally, you can also play with your friends in Co-Op Multiplayer mode where you can combine your forces and play against the bad guys through local Wi-Fi or split screen settings. What’s cool about this feature is that you can connect a Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PC or Android device through cross-platform multiplayer.


With a simple game play such as shooting down enemies and bosses, how can you still possibly make these game interesting and even more fun? Simple. Add tons of features, extras and add-ons. In this case you’ll pick up power ups hidden on corners, behind houses and barracks.  You’ll also get to pick up speed boosts and  health packs. In between levels are short intros of the level boss that you will be fighting off at the end and a preview of what weapons to expect that they will be wielding.

Voice overs and sound effects are professionally done as well. Both features add value to the game and makes it even more enticing to play. And then of course, there’s graphics. It looks wonderful on my iPad and how I wish I have a Motorola XOOM to play Guerrilla Bob on it. Maybe in the future. I can just imagine how great this game will look on an Android tablet. It looks beautiful on my Nexus One and Ideos X5 so a bigger screen will definitely be better.


I’ll make this short as this review has gone too long. Guerrilla Bob is a fun and entertaining game with all the bells and whistles that will make up for one of the best Android games ever. Get it now from the Android Market for $2.99.