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Hextacy Android Game Review


In the mood for another challenging puzzle-matching game? You’ve got to check out Hextacy Android game. This time around, this one is a hex-based color matching puzzle game with a new twist that separates it from similar matching game. That twist has to do with color shifting. Hextacy is getting some buzz lately.¬† We were wondering whether the buzz is really worth our time, so we checked out this Android game.

Game Play

The moment the game starts up and the main game environment was displayed, I was simply blown away by the game’s sleek and cool interface. At the start of the game you are given several hexagonal blocks arranged randomly. New blocks are coming downwards from the top of your Android phone’s screen. The objective of the game is to keep the screen free from those hex blocks. You eliminate the hexagons by swiping matching hexagons of three or more colors. The more matching hexagons you eliminate, the higher your scores will be.

Sounds too simple for you? Actually, it is that simple during the initial part of the game, but once blocks start to fill up your screen, the instances of matching hexagons become scarce, and the game becomes more exciting. After a bit of practice, you will have learned enough tricks to successfully eliminate blocks and advance farther into the game.


While other matching block games will give you cool power-ups and magic blocks with powerful effects, Hextacy will not.  There are very few special hexagons that will give you special moves. There is one hexagon with the ability to switch block positions that will lead to matching hexagons. But these appear very seldom. This means that getting through the game is all about strategy and logic combined with speed. You must identify the best combination of hexagons to eliminate that will result in strategically displacing surrounding hexagons of similar color.

The game has three modes of play – normal, hardcore, and pure, with Pure being the most difficult as it will not yield any power ups. The free version of the game gives you the normal mode, but to play the hardcore and pure modes, you will have to get the paid version which cost around $2.37.


Overall, I fully recommend Hextacy Android game if you’re looking for something different to play on your Android phones. Different in the sense that the game did away with the cliche matching squared blocks ala-Tetris style and instead used hexagons which get eliminated through swipe gesture. When it comes to graphics, there’s nothing much to write about since there is too little room for exploring this feature. The game’s graphics are beautiful and simple enough.