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HeyZap Brings Game Check-ins to Mobile

HeyZap Android app can be easily describe simply your Foursquare for games. It’s a social discover app for mobile games. The app allows you to check into games and find out what games your friends are playing as well as what games your friends have just played. Backed by 1.6 million users from its social gaming platform, HeyZap hopes to bring the same users plus new ones to use their Android app. Judging by the app’s features and interace, it looks like the app is headed for the big time. That is of course if gamers will become social enough and will want to share their gaming activities with their friends.

So how does HeyZap Android app works? Simple. If you’re using Foursqure on your Android phone, you’ll have an easier time getting use to HeyZap’s interface and use the app effectively and efficiently. The moment you fire up the app, you’ll be presented with the app’s main menu interface. From here you can allow the app to pull out your Facebook information and sign using your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, you’ll have at your perusal several options namely – Friends, Games, Tips and You.

The Friends option simply displays the gaming activities of your friends. Tapping on one entry will bring you into the commenting mode where you can post your comments about your friends updates. Games is a listing of your friends and other HeyZap users based on the games they are playing. You can also post your comments to anyone you see on this list. Tips will give you a rundown of gaming tips posted by other HeyZap users. And You of course will bring you to your HeyZap profile. Simple, right?

When it comes to the app’s design, the developers made sure that HeyZap will have a funky, lively and dark-toned theme. This design is pretty common among gaming sites. And this app wants to belong to this gaming community – hence the sleek interface and design.

Overall, HeyZap is a pretty good Android app. It’s quite commendable for the developers to have ventured into this social networking niche. While there many gamers communities online, there are very few if none of them was made as an Android app such as HeyZap.

If you’re a gamer, you should give HeyZap a shot and find out whether HeyZap Android app was able to solve these three gaming problems namely – game discover for games, the lack of viral channels on mobile and the absence of existing communities for mobile game players. HeyZap is available as a free downlod from the Android Market.