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Hit the Ice with Hockey Fights Pro for Android


I’ve always been a massive sports fan, and I love seeing the players get rough during a game. Hockey has more fights than any other sport, and now there’s a game that lets you skip the hockey part and go straight to the throw down. Hockey Fights Pro is a new Android game from Ratrod Studio, the same people that brought us the slick gamed Drift Mania Championship. This game lets you pound your opponent to a pulp while not having to worry about getting put into the penalty box. After knocking helmets off for an hour or two, here are my thoughts on the game…


The game has a nice tutorial that will walk you through the controls, but if you’re not a fan of tutorials here’s a quick rundown of the control scheme. The controls are easy to use; top left & right buttons are for left and right punches to the head, and the bottom buttons are for body shots. Swiping left or right with the punch buttons will let you throw hooks as well. You also have a “special punch” meter, and when it’s full you can swipe your thumb up for an uppercut, or down for a body shot. Blocking is done by holding the two top buttons to block a head shot, and the two bottom buttons for body shots. Your fighter will also have a stamina bar, and when it gets low your punches won’t do near as much damage.


There are two modes of play in Hockey Fight Pro; you get Tournament mode and Quick Play. Tournament mode put’s you up against nine of the toughest fighters in the game, while quick play lets you fight randomly to gain respect points. You’ll earn respect points for every fight, and you can use those to upgrade your characters power, stamina, speed, and defense. The stats definitely help; I was getting my head bashed in pretty good before upgrading my power. Hockey Fight Pro also has an achievement system, online leader boards, and multiple profiles for you to use.


Overall, I really enjoyed this game. The fights are fast, so you can move through the game fairly quickly; there isn’t a lot of wait time in between matches which is great. The graphics were excellent, and getting to pummel the hockey players was a lot of fun. It’s only been out around a week, but I would love to see more player customization in future versions of the game. If you’d like to hit the ice and start fighting, you can go grab Hockey Fights Pro in the Android Market for $1.02.