Homerun Battle 3D for Android – The Review


I mainly just review newer games and apps, but I thought it would be nice to shine the spotlight on some of the older apps & games new Android users might not know about. The first older game I wanted to review is actually the first game I played for Android… Homerun Battle 3D. It’s been out for quite some time now, and in my opinion is still one of the funnest games in the Market. For a game with a lot to offer, its market description is surprisingly vague which makes it the perfect candidate to review. Here’s a rundown of HomeRun Battle 3D for Android…


Swing away… that’s one thing every baseball player loves to hear, and that’s what you’ll be doing with Homerun Battle 3D. The point of the game is to smash as many homers as you can; you’re not going to be bunting or fielding balls in this game. You’ll use your phones tilt controls to control the “hit-zone” of the bat by tilting left to right, or up and down. When the ball gets in your zone, just tap the screen to send the ball screaming into the outfield. You can hit scoreboards, smash lights, hit foul poles and even hit them totally out of the park. Online play is where the real heart of the game is; you’ll be ranked against players according to your skill, and it keeps up with your online stats as well. I thought I couldn’t be beat until I got into the veteran channel of online play… then I got my ass handed to me when the first person I played cracked 5 straight home runs over the scoreboard.


The full version of the game is full of features & modes. You’ll get classic, arcade, infinite matchup, and training modes. The online play is unlimited, and you can also earn unlimited gold balls to upgrade your stats with. Upgrading my player was my favorite thing to do besides smashing homers. They have spiked bats, fire bats, and even “foam finger” bats. You can also change your helmet, gloves, pants, shirt and shoes. Every item you buy raises your players contact or power. The hair and skin color are customizable as well, but you won’t get a stat boost for having an awesome 70s mustache which is a shame. You can also change the backgrounds/stadiums around a bit if you’d rather play at night or at a different stadium. The actual options are just for music, sfx, and “PiP”. The “PiP” mode is nice when your online, but if your phone is a bit older or the game is lagging you may want to turn it off to smooth things out.


I’ve played this game for quite some time, and have seen various gripes about it along the way. I’ve had a few glitches with past updates, but never any major ones, and none at all since I got my Captivate around a year ago. The graphics are great, and you can customize your character with a lot of different items that will boost your abilities. Most of all, Homerun Battle 3D is a whole lotta fun; I honestly can’t tell you how many hours I’ve killed playing this game online. If you want a good, solid Homerun Derby style game, this is the game for you! The free version is very limited, but will let you have some online play and get a feel for the game. The full version has a lot of great features and customizable options for your player. If you want a great game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, go check out Homerun Battle 3D in the Android market.


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