Horse Stable Tycoon – Android Game Review


Horse Stable Tycoon is a new Android game from Living Code Labs that lets you run your own stable where you’ll buy and sell horses. As a fan of simulation games I knew I had to check this one out, and was quite surprised at what I found. The graphics may look simple, but the game itself is far from simple. There’s a lot more to being a Horse tycoon than you think as you’ll have to groom them, make sure they stay happy, and even clean up a little poop.

Gameplay & Features

As this is a Tycoon game you’re goal is to become the most successful Horse handler around and you’ll do this by buying, selling, racing, and showing a wide variety of horses. After you buy your first horse you’ll be taken to the stable screen where you can access your current Horses stats, your items, and the World Map. You can also take care of two other important functions here by brushing your horse, and cleaning up poop; both of these affect hygiene which is important for show horses. There are also a set of gauges that let you know what your horse needs by showing its health, energy, hunger, and stress. Stress & Energy are the two that you’ll do with the most; stress can be taken down by brushing the horse, and energy is raised by resting or with certain foods.

The Map tab is the other section you’ll spend a lot of time in and this is where you can outfit your horse with gear for stat bonuses, buy food, visit the doctor, sell manure, train, and race. Training is where most of the action is and you can choose from Race Horse or Show Horse plans. The race horse plans boost your speed and stamina while the show horse plans help you out with appearance and obedience. The training is tough and gets expensive so you’ll definitely want to find a nice balance for training your horse starting out. Once you get rolling you can buy additional stables, nicer gear, and better horses.


There’s a lot more to Horse Stable Tycoon than meets the eye as I quickly found out as I really had to work at winning my first race and first show. The games depth surprised me as well; there are a lot of different ways to customize your horses and you can have up to 25 different stables. Horse Stable Tycoon is not your typical simulation game, but it’s an awesome one nonetheless. If you like sim games , horses or just having fun you should definitely check out Horse Stable Tycoon. There is a limited demo version of the game or you can grab the full version for $4.99.


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