Hungry Monstrs Android Game Review


Game developer Blowfish Studios just released a very fun and addictive game in the way of “Hungry MonstR.”  It looks simple, but will have your fingers working overtime very quickly.  You’ll just need to keep the Hungry Monsters from getting to your Ice Cream, it may sound pretty simple but don’t be fooled…those monsters are pretty hungry! The graphics are great, and the game is easy for anyone to pick up and start playing.


As the little monsters appear, you’ll have to “flick” them to their color coded tubes.  If you put one in the wrong hole, he’ll get stuck which will temporarily clog up the pipe.  You are going to want to avoid this as they can start coming quickly once the game get’s rolling.  There are quite a few power-ups in the game as well from “double rainbows” to boom boxes that make the monsters dance.

There are three maps with different difficulties, with each map featuring two modes of play.  In the first mode Rainbow Frenzy, you’ll need to survive long enough to protect your three Ice Cream lives.  The other mode is called Monstr Frenzy.  In this mode, you need to fend off the hungry monsters as long as possible to receive your golden Ice Cream.  Both modes are fun, but Frenzy mode is more challenging as the monsters can build up very quickly.


You’ll definitely kill some hours with this fun little game.  The graphics are cute and the gameplay is smooth no matter how many monsters you have on the screen.  It can get very challenging on the harder settings, so don’t think it will always be easy.  There isn’t a free version available, but the paid version is available in the market for .98 cents.  This game is a welcome addition to the market and my phone, and I look forward to seeing what the developers do next.

Hungry MonstR


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