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iBlast Moki – Android Game Review


I’ve been hearing about a little game called iBlast Moki for quite some time now from all my friends with iPhones. It’s won numerous awards over the past few years, and now that Godzilab has brought it over to Android we finally get to see what all this fuss is about. Is it as good as everyone says it is or is it all just hype? Read on to find out…


The word “blast” in iBlast Moki is the keyword to remember, as your goal in the game is to blast the little Moki’s towards the red warp portal on each level. When you drag a bomb on or near a Moki you’ll see trajectories laid out that let you know where the Moki will go. You simply need to adjust the bomb to “push” to Moki towards the portal. It’s pretty basic at first, but then you get to the Timers. Some levels have you placing several bombs to move the Moki, and you’ll be able to set timers to control when they go off. This changes the game up quite a bit and puts a very cool twist on the game. The timers are easy to set, but it will probably take several attempts before you get it just right.


iBlast Moki has 85 levels set across 6 different worlds, and some of those worlds environments change things up a bit. One level is underwater, another is on a mountain while yet another is set in the dark. One cool feature of iBlast Moki is the built in level editor and online levels. The level editor is pretty self-explanatory as it lets you build your own levels. As for the online levels… there are a lot of them and I quit counting right around 120. The online levels are all rated by the users and can be sorted through in several different ways. There are also around 20 different achievements to unlock and the usual high score charts via Openfeint .


I thought it would be a good game, but I was honestly surprised at how much fun it was. iBlast Moki has a lot of depth as well; with 85 in-game levels, and well over 120 online levels you’re going to be busy for quite some time. The fact that you can build your own levels adds even more depth to an already deep game. Overall, it’s a great looking game with loads of depth that’s a real blast to play. No free version is available, but I can tell you first hand the full version is well worth the $2.99 price tag.