IMDb Movies & TV App for Android Review

If you find yourself checking out to get your doses of  movie, TV and celebrity information, you’d be glad to know that the it is now available as a mobile app for your Android phone. IMDb Movies and TV Android App gives you US showtimes, movie trailers, photo galleries, US TV listings, DVD and Blue-Ray releases and other movie and tv information.

In short, IMDb Movies and TV App for Android brings you the same amount of information that you use to enjoy from the IMDb website. Better this time, you can now enjoy it where ever you may be right now or when ever you want to check the site up.  Having the app on your Android phone is like having an encyclopedia of anything and everything about Hollywood movies and tvs including plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews and more.

The app is available for free from the Android Market. Once you have it running on your Android phone, you’ll be treated by mobile phone customized main menu where it gives you three tabs to navigate – movies, tv and people. Of course you can guess what each of these options contain. If not, here it goes:

Movies – gives you US showtimes, US Coming Soon, US Box Office Results, Moviemeter, Top 250 Movies, Bottom 100 Films, Popular movies by genre and more.

TV – gives you US TV Ratings, US TV Tonight, Popular TV

People -gives you two option, STARMeter and Born Today.

Overall, IMDb Movies and TV App for Android is a well crafted Android app that takes full advantage of  the huge and excellent high-resolution display of most Android phones.  Navigating through the app’s various options is fast and flawless. The interface is pretty straightforward which is understandable since what’s more important is the information that the app provides.

If you’re a movie buff, this app is definitely a must have for your Android phone.


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