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iPan: Flip Master – Android Game Review


iPan: Flip Master is a killer new game from Yehonatan Douek  that puts you to work flipping eggs. Yup, it’s an egg flipping game and be warned… it’s highly addictive. You’ll run across plenty of surprises as you try to become a Master egg flipper, and “try” is the keyword here as it does get challenging the farther you progress into the game.


The controls are very simple, and iPan: Flip Master is a game that definitely puts your phones Gyro & Accelerometer to good use.  Basically, a Chicken will move across the top of the screen and drop eggs as it goes. You’ll only want to touch-drag the good eggs to the pan and leave the cracked ones alone. You’ll have to tilt your phone as the egg cooks to keep it from sliding out of the pan, and you’ll have to “flip it” over before it burns. It’s basically just like holding a pan and flipping an egg, except the pan is substituted with your phone. Once you’ve cooked the perfect egg you’ll have to tilt your phone again to slide the egg onto the proper plate.


I may have made it sound easy, but there are several things you’re going to have to look out for while cooking those eggs. You want to stay away from the cracked eggs, and some of the good eggs will turn out to be bad when they actually hit the pan. The eggs come in all different shapes and sizes (and occasionally from a cow) like the tiny eggs or Ostrich eggs.  As you hit certain point levels you’re going to have some interesting obstacles thrown your way. I just got through “Rain of Eggs” at 60 points and am pretty curious to see what the “Pan of Hell” is like when I make it to 100 points. iPan: Flip Master also has a Global Leaderboard which I hope to see my name on in the very near future.


I never thought I would enjoy a game that involves flipping eggs, but I’ve had a hard time putting iPan down.  The game runs great on my Captivate, but you will have to download Adobe Air to run it if you don’t have it installed already. The graphics are perfect for the game as there’s no need to go “Michael Bay” on a game like this, and the theme song is pretty funny as well. There’s a lite version you can try for free while the full version can be had for .99 cents and gives you more than 20 different eggs to flip. iPan is a cool little game, and it’s one you should definitely check out.