Isaac Newton’s Gravity for Android – The Review

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Sir Isaac Newton is best known for his contributions for physics, and now he’s going to be known for a fun Android game called Isaac Newton’s Gravity. The fun graphics and set this physics puzzler apart from the rest, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s got around 100 levels to play either. There are lots of Android Apps that deal with physics, and this is one of the better physics based games we’ve played. After giving this game a good run through, here’s what I though about Isaac Newton’s Gravity…


Your goal is to basically move the ball to hit the button which will advance you to the next level, and the controls are about as simple as you can get. You’ll be given objects to place on the game board to help your cause; so far I’ve gotten balls, blocks, T-blocks, and even a few eyeballs! All the objects are surrounded by a “Cog” and you’ll be able to rotate the cog which in turn, rotates the object. Everything was very responsive, and I was able to place the smallest of blocks anywhere I wanted. Every level has a sidebar on the right that has buttons for hints, zoom, instructions, undo move, and the parts themselves. If it gives you 5 blocks to use on a level, you don’t have to necessarily use them all; it’s a good thing to keep in mind as some levels can be finished a few different solutions.


There are 100 levels that are guaranteed to test your brain and reasoning skills. You can also download additional levels which gives the game a high replay factor. One of my favorite parts was the level editor where you can design your own physics based levels, and also share them with the games online community. The levels obviously get tougher as you go, but if you get stuck Isaac Newton himself can help you out with a few hints. The hints cost points, so keep that in mind before wasting them all on the early levels. Isaac Newton’s Gravity also has a Trophy Room with around 20 different achievements you can unlock.


I’ve played quite a few physics-based Android games, and Isaac Newton’s Gravity is one of the good ones. I’m not deep into the game yet so I’m not sure how many different objects you’ll get to use, but I’m assuming more will pop up as the levels progress. I just got the Eyeball around level 10 which was pretty cool to see. The graphics are what originally drew me to this game, and made me give it a look. The backgrounds have a trippy, almost otherworldly feel to them which definitely wasn’t what I expected from the games name alone. There isn’t a free version available right now, but at $1.99 its not very pricy considering how polished it is.  Overall, I thought Isaac Newton’s Gravity was a fun game that’s definitely worth a look if you’re into physics games.

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