iTrackMMA Android App Review

If you’re an MMA fan like myself, you know there is a lot to keep up with in the sport and most of all, you don’t want to miss a good fight. There are several MMA Android Apps in the market, but one stands out above the rest. Enter the Android App called “iTrackMMA.” The app has some great features while still managing to keep it simple and easy to navigate.

The main screen shows all the scheduled PPV events from the UFC, Bellator and Strikeforce. You can also look at some of the recent PPV matches you may have missed. There is a comment section for each match that you can use to share your thoughts on the fight with other MMA fans. Another neat feature are the bio’s, when clicking on a match-up you get a picture of the fighters along with their stats. You can get their Wiki and Sherdog stats along with the betting line on upcoming bouts.

One part of the app that I really enjoyed is the News section. It has all the top stories from the world of mixed martial arts, and usually gets an update daily. The news comes from several different sources around the Internet and is legit. I’ve not seen any speculative news from fan sites or the like.

The only real gripes I have with the program are with the news section and the fighters stats. I have noticed some of the fighters stats under their bio’s are occasionally not up to date and the news can be slow to update sometimes. There is no trial version, but it will only set you back .99 cents in the Android Market. Overall, it is a great program to have if you are a fan of MMA. As long as you have iTrackMMA you’ll never miss a fight.


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