Kids Alphabet Android App Review

Kids today are as tech savvy as their parents. I’ve got two kids who can use my iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch all by themselves. Pretty soon, they’ll probably learn how to use my Google Nexus one one phone. Well, I really don’t mind at all for as long as they play only kids-friendly game that will not only entertain but educate them as well. Such is the case of the Kids Alphabet Android app.

By its name alone, you’d know that this Android game is 100% kid-friendly. True enough, Kids Alphabet Android app was designed to help your kids learn the English alphabet through an interactive learning interface. Your kids will surely love the easy and interactive interface of this Android game. The game approach to learning will ensure that you’re kids will enjoy as well.

Kids Alphabet Android app features graphical design with educational images associated with each letter of the alphabet. This helps you kid to develop their visual memory. It also has amazing sounds designed with funny effects that help your kids remember letter pronounciation and develop their aural memory. The app also features multiple game types which let them learn and test their knowledge.

Overall, Kids Alphabet Android app is a very good educational Android app that you’re kids will surely love. If you don’t mind your kids tinkering with your Android phones, then you got to have this app installed on your devices.

Kids for Alphabet is available from the Android Market, either as a free or paid versions. Both versions are complete but you can only use the free version on a limited time per day.


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