Leap Sheep! Android Game Review

Who says that an Android game should have a complicated gameplay to be worthy of being called a great Android game? If you’ve always believed in this notion, wait till you’ve played Leap Sheep Android App. Nothing can be more simple than this game’s main objective which is to help sheeps jump over a fence. Yeah, that simple and yet we still find this game worthy of your time and money – especially if you want an honest-to-goodness, simple-kind-of-fun-game.

So yes, you got it. Make the sheep jump over the fence. Then what? That’s it? Don’t even think that the game is as easy as tapping the sheep at the right time to make it jump. We’re not talking here of one sheep but tons of sheeps coming from three points on your Android’s screen. Sometimes these sheeps approach the fence almost at the same time. So much so that you’ll be confused as to which sheep should you tap on first to make it jump over the fence. And that’s one challenge of this game.

The next fun feature is online competition via OpenFeint. If you choose to activate this feature, your scores will be recorded on an online site where you can compare it with the scores of other players. Your various game achievement will be recorded via OpenFeint as well. Speaking of achievements, you’ll find more than enough of this as you play the game. Aim to get all the achievements and I’m pretty sure you’ll love this game even before you’ve finished all the levels. The only problem here is that the game doesn’t seem to have an ending. It’s a continous game flow and would only stop if a line of sheeps fill up your Android phone’s screen from the starting point to the fence. If that happens, you will have to go back from where you started.

Overall, I will have to say that this game will rock your world if you’re looking for a straight-forward, achievement-based type of game. Yes, it has a simple gameplay but the extra features make it even more interesting and fun to play.

You can get Leap Sheep by clicking the install button above or searching for it rom the Android Market for only $1.99.


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