MapDing Android App Review

MapDing wants to wants to make it simpler to buy or sell anything. MapDing could be a pretty cool, innovative and powerful mobile app.

According to, the app is the first entirely mobile, location-based application for buying and selling anything – using of course your Android phone. Actually, we would like to add that it’s a pretty cool Android app with a fun interface that makes it enticing to use. Even the way MapDing works is pretty clever and it’s useful whether you are a seller or a buyer.

If you’re a seller, you can take a picture of your product using your Android phone, then type in some details and send it right away to the map. Or if you are still uncertain whether you want to sell your products yet, you can use the app to find out whether there is a demand for your product in the marketplace. Incidentally, that marketplace covers the whole world. Another useful feature for you is the push notification which alerts you when somebody nearby is actually looking a product similar to what you are selling.

If you’re a buyer, you can use MapDing to search for a product on a map to find what are available in nearby location. The good thing here is that when you search, the app will trigger to send notifications to sellers using MapDing.If what you are looking for is unavailable, you can even set up a notification that pushes alerts informing you when a product is already available. So that when it is available, you can contact the seller right away. What’s great about MapDing is that the interaction and activities that you participate in happen inside the app. .

Of course, like many other mobile phone apps, MapDing also support Facebook and Twitter. This adds depth to the sources that you might use later on.

MapDing is available from the Android Marketplace as a free Android app.


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