Mega Jump Android Game Review

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[!– INSTALL:com.getsetgames.megajump –]Unlike Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), the Android platform doesn’t get too many great games that are released one after another. Or maybe there are, but they just don’t get that much attention compared to the major games released for iOS devices. So, it’s a joy to find a new great Android game. One of these game is called – Mega Jump. Incidentally, Mega Jump first came out for the iPhone.

Mega Jump Android Game – Gameplay

MegaJump is another jumping arcade game with colorful graphics, cute main characters, and tons of power-up coins to collect. But unlike other jumping arcade games, Mega Jump will not require you to jump from one platform to another. Instead, your character will be propelled continously upwards. To continue moving forward you must collect gold coins scattered along the way. You’ll also get to collect power-ups that will help boost your speed. Miss a couple of gold coins and your character will fall – immediately ending the game.

Sounds simple enough, right? Actually it is not. I’ve tried several times and reached as far as I could before I get to the next level.  One thing that would make it difficult for you to master this game is the fact that it relies on your Android phones accelerometer. But because of the speed that your character is going, it’s easy to miss those gold coins. But in time, you’ll master the trick to this control.

Mega Jump Android Game – Graphics and Sound

Amazingly, this Android game has excellent graphics. The background is colorful and the moving elements are well detailed. The game physics are pretty flawless and smooth. The same can be said of  the game’s sound, it’s very appropriate for the fun elements of the game and will entice you to play the game repeteadly.

Mega Jump Android Game – Other Features

The game supports Open Feint, so you can compete online with other players, regardless of whether they are using the Android or iPhone version of the game. Features include:

★ Eye-popping cartoon graphics and beautiful multi-layered backdrops
★ Grab the Fireball and Super Nova Mega Boosts and hang on for a fiery ride!
★ Collect coins and stars for big points and huge combo boosts!
★ Turn into a Balloon! Strap on some Jump Boots! Become a Coin Magnet! Hover with the Action Umbrella or zap enemies with the Power Shield!
★ Multiple stages – try to reach the edge of space and beyond!
★ Reached the final stage? Try the Hard stages for an extra challenge!
★ Watch out for killer items and monsters that’ll stop you dead in your tracks!
★ Unlock all kinds of awesome new characters to play with!
★ Hilarious sound effects and a bumping sound track!
★ Regular updates with new features and upgrades!
★ Dozens of unlockable achievements for maximum gamerscore!
★ Online worldwide leaderboards with Feint!
★ Compete with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Mega Jump Android Game – Our Verdict

For a free game it’s packed with tons of fun and enjoyment, we definitely recommend getting this Android game. The game is so good that we hope more of its kind gets released for the Android platform.

Get this game now and have fun performing the Mega Jump! You can grab the app from the Android Market or get it directly from here.

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