Melancholy Fun with Colour My Heart for Android

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I stumbled across a series of interesting games in the Android market a few weeks ago, the first of which is “Colour My Heart.” The games were designed by Silver Stitch, with music by Coin. They were originally available on the web through sites like Newsgrounds, but have been ported over to Android by developer Anderdroid Apps. The games are “artistic” in nature, so don’t expect an action packed game. They look simple, but don’t be fooled as there is quite a bit to do as you travel through the dreary Black & White worlds. Silver Stitch has done 4 games in the series, and three have been ported over 3 so far. Here is a brief rundown of these unique dystopian games…

Colour My Heart

Colour My Heart is the first in the series. In this game, you will journey across a bleak colorless landscape in search of your true love. It’s a very short game, but there are several objects you can interact with (by touching) in your brief journey. There were a few things I missed on my first try, and I’m sure I haven’t gotten them all yet. The graphics combined with the music really make this game stand out.

Colour My World

The second entry into the series is called, Colour My World. This one is a bit longer, with quite a few more things you will need to do to get to your girl. Your character again finds himself traveling through a colorless, dead world, but this time you get to bring a little life with you. Some of the objects in you will interact with bring blasts of color into an otherwise dark world.

Colour My Dreams

Last, but not least we have Colour My Dreams. In this version, your hero will have to explore his dreams to find a way out of his nightmare. This one is different from the rest as there is no girl to meet, and it’s much darker. There are still a lot of things to interact with, and a few surprises along the way. I’ll have to admit I got stuck in a few spots with this one, and there was even a puzzle thrown into the mix. The graphics are similar to the other games, but the music is totally different this time around.


Overall, the “Colour My” series are unique and cool to play. Your not going to see any other games like these in the market. There is a 4th game in the series called Colour My Fate that has not been ported over yet. The games are all free, but do require that you’re running Adobe Flash 10.1 or greater. Silver Stitch did an awesome job with the storyline and the game as a whole, while Coin gave the game an otherworldly feel with the music. If you would like to try out something different, you can get all three in the Android Market for free.

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