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Meteor Brick Breaker Android Game Review

Meteor Brick Breaker is a nice-looking Android game from Chilingo, one of the most popular game developers for both iPhone and Android. From its name alone, you can easily guess what this game is all about. Yes, it’s a combination of your popular brick game and space arkanoid with shoot’ em up elements. The result – a great shooter with more than a hundred levels of brick breaking madness.

Meteor Brick Breaker’s gameplay is pretty simple. All you have to do is to break the blocks arranged on the upper portion of your Android phone’s screen using a rocket. However, instead of the rocket shooting missiles that explode, it shoots a metal ball that breaks the given set of blocks. After breaking one or more blocks, the ball bounces downward so you’ll need to block it off by your “rocket” and send it back towards the blocks. If you fail to block the ball, you’ll miss one life. You are given 10 lives all in all until you finish all the levels. Along the way, you’ll get to pick up extra lives after breaking special blocks.

As mentioned, the game has 120 levels. There are also more than 60 types of blocks, hostile robots, various balls, weapons, and power-ups.

Meteor Brick Breaker Android game offers a nice looking game environment that is simple and yet effective. The game has a nice backdrop and great sound effects.  The controls are easy to use, just slide your finger back and forth to move your ship.  As you progress the levels you will face more hazards making the game more challenging.

To sum this review up, we recommend this game especially if you are a huge fan of arcade space shooters as well as brick breaking games, which I certainly am.  Meteor Brick Breaker should provide many hours of gameplay. It is available now from the Android Market in free lite version and a paid version which sells for $4.04. There is also a version of the game which supports Android phones and tablets with WVGA displays.