Mobiscope Android App Review

If you have downloaded its desktop app, you”ll probably be familiar already with what the Mobiscope Android app can do. To describe it simply – the Mobiscope Android app is a pretty cool app that lets you view popular webcams from all around the world. These webcams are organized by various categories such as beaches, animals, cities, harbors, hotels, landscapes, mountains, rivers, sights, sports, and more. The app streams from various webcams in full-screen video format.

Sounds pretty cool? Actually it is, especially if you’re fond of watching videos on your Android phone. Mobiscope gives you a wide selection of videos culled from various webcams around the world, for you to enjoy watching in your leisure time. In other words, Mobiscope Android app is your virtual window to the world, well sort of.

Using Mobiscope is simple as well. After installing the app on your Android phone, you simply fire it up and your phone will proceed to the Mobiscope site where thousands of webcams are being streamed in real-time. But of course, the quality of video will depend on how fast your Internet connection is. The good thing is that Mobiscope supports both 3G and Wi-Fi connection. This means that you can have access to videos streamed through the webcams, anytime and anywhere.

In addition to streaming videos from webcams situated all over the world, Mobiscope also lets you stream videos from your own IP camera setup. So, you can place an IP camera at your home or office and have it streamed to your Android via the Mobiscope app. The app even lets you view a group of IP cameras simultaneously. Mobiscope supports various camera models including D-Link, JVC, Axis, and more.

Mobiscope is available now from the Android Market for $1.99. You can install it from the Install link above or search the market for Mobiscope.


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