Monopoly Here & Now

I have always loved Monopoly and especially loved beating my sister growing up. Of course back in my day, we didn’t have any of these new fancy Monopoly’s with their new rules, credit card cash systems, or special themes like Star Wars or The Simpsons. But hey, I never said you can’t make a great product better.

Monopoly Here & Now is an easy to use Android app with a very quick learning curve. No need to search for any settings or dig through menus (although help sections are available), simply start the game and it will prompt you for everything you need. One of the first things it asks you for is whether you want to enable sound which I think is nice since I often forget to turn it off at the worst of times. It will then allow you to choose things like avatars, players, and even the difficulty of the AI.

The game proceeds the same way a normal Monopoly game would. You roll the dice, you move, and the game prompts you for all the things you can do in that moment; whether that be to trade, buy property, buy houses, or the dreaded mortgaging of properties is up to you. I have to say that though it ran slow at times (I still use my G1 but will upgrade soon) it ran rather nicely with few hiccups.

EA has this to say about there game which I think summarizes the Monoploy experience nicely:

Build a real estate empire on your phone! Play MONOPOLY Here & Now, the world popular board game-now updated with a modern twist. Buy and sell properties like Waikiki Beach, Fenway Park, and more. Dynamic animated tokens include a hybrid car, a mobile phone, and a labradoodle. Use simple controls to roll the dice, move, and keep score. Demonstrate your trading savvy as you buy, sell, and put your competitors out of business. Pass ”n play with up to four players?compete to win all the cash!

Depending on where you go to buy the game you can get it any where from $6.95 to $9.95 but unfortunately there is no trial. A fun game overall, and definitely worth the money.


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