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Mooniacs – Android Game Review


Mooniacs is a fun little game from Namco-Bandai where you’ll get to “fling” characters around in order to collect Jujubees. You’ll exchange these Jujubees for parts to fix your ship so you can get back home. It’s similar to Angry Birds as you’ll be flinging your characters around the screen, but it really has a style all its own. It’s  fun to play, and it’s a game kids & adults can both enjoy.


The game comes with one of the coolest tutorials I’ve seen to teach you the basics, so I’m not going to spend much time on that area. You basically pick a trajectory and launch the Mooniac towards the Jujubees. You only get one shot, and you’ll need to collect a certain amount to advance to the next level. There will be plenty of objects put in your way as well, so if you’re a perfectionist that has to get “everything” on each level you’ll like Mooniacs.


Mooniacs has 90 levels spread out across 3 colorful worlds, and it also has plenty of upgradable content. You’ll start out in a world called Briars & Brambles and move on to The Fungi Forest, then it’s off to the final world dubbed The Desert Island. You’ll have an option to buy a part for your ship after every 10th level, and it takes 100 Jujubees to buy a part. Mooniacs has an in-app purchasing system as well, which allows you to buy extra Jujubees, bonus packs, and unlock alternate endings.


The odd-name and graphics first caught my attention, and when I saw it was from Namco/Bandai I knew it would be a solid game. I wasn’t wrong, as Mooniacs turned out to be quite fun. The graphics are easy on the eyes, and the game is very “family friendly” overall. The 90 levels give you plenty to do, so the replay factor is definitely there as well. Mooniacs is available exclusively at Amazon right now, and you can pick it up for .99 cents.