mSpot Brings Music Cloud Streaming to Android Users

mSpot has released their Android app.  If you’re running out of storage space on your Android phone to house your growing MP3 music collection and buying higher capacity card storage is not an option, check out mSpot’s new music cloud storage and streaming service. mSpot which was launched in private beta sometime in May lets you sync your music collection in your Android phone and PC or Mac and then mSpot the desktop software automatically saves it in the cloud. You can then access it anywhere and listen to your music using your Android phone.

In short, mSpot is like all other cloud storage services, only this time, it is for your music collection. You may consider it as a Google Docs for music.  Major take-away is of this Android app is of course freeing up your phone’s storage to give way for other goodies that need to be stored such as photos and pictures.

Now, while this may be a good solution it does however have some limitations. For one, your Android phone needs to be always online for you to enjoy listening to your music. That could either be through Wi-Fi or mobile network. The low-down?  Being always online will cost you data charges. Good if you can always find a free wireless network. But if not, then be prepare to spend for some good amount of mobile data costs.

I installed the mSpot app on my Android phone as well as on my PC. And as soon as I my mSpot account was registered, the desktop app immediately starts getting the playlist on my PC and uploaded them to the mSpot cloud server. I have yet to test the performance of mSpot’s server and whether it could be a reliable media streaming service.

In the meantime, if you want to try it out, you need to get the mSpot desktop client and then install the mSpot Android app which you can download from the Android market.

via TechCrunch


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