Music With Me Android App Syncs iTunes Music to Android Phones

Music With Me is a fairly new Android app that offers wireless synching of your iTunes Music Library to your Android phone. I know it may sound rather odd to be thinking of syncing your Android phone with your iTunes Library, but then let’s not forget the fact that there are many users who use both the iPhone and Android phone. So, it will be less tedious to have one account that holds all of our music and just let them sync to both our Android phones and iPhone. That’s what Music With Me is aiming to provide. And to make things even easier, the app lets you do the syncing wirelessly. Cool, right?

How Does Music With Me Work?

Music With Me is composed of two apps, the one running on your Android phone and a desktop helper that you should install on the computer which has your iTunes account. The app will use your Facebook account to login to both Android app and desktop helper before you can start syncing your iTunes from your computer to your Android phone on either Wi-Fi or 3G network. The beauty of Music With Me is the fact that it does not stream your iTunes music wirelessly but downloads your iTunes collection to your Android phone and then allows you to access these music files using your Phone even if its not connected online. The next time you make an update to your iTunes music library on your computer, it will be automatically synced to your Android phone while both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

What Does Music With Me Looks Like?

When it comes to interface and design, Music With Me sports a simple and yet sleek, predominantly black theme with additional red labeling. The app works fast on a Wi-Fi network but may experience slow down when in 3G network. But that will of course depend on your network speed. Overall we couldn’t say anything negative about the interface of this Android app. The workflow is enough to get the job of syncing your iTunes Music to your Android phones, done.

Music With Me is available as a free download from the Android Market. You can download the Music With Me Desktop Helper App for Mac or Windows.


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