Must.Eat.Birds Android Game Review

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I didn’t know that there is another great Android game that bears the word – “birds” on its name. I’m referring to Must.Eat.Birds, a popular iPhone game which just hit the Android Market recently. In case you don’t know what the other Android game I am referring to, well it’s of course – Angry  Birds.

Come to think of it, Must.Eat.Birds has several resemblance to Angry Birds. The game also uses the slingshot as the main object of game. You also get to use a slingshot with clones of the main character named Nomster attacking not pigs but other birds who got jealous because our main character is enjoying a cake. So, the birds will try to attack you and to protect your self, you must hurl your clones towards the attacking birds.

The gameplay is really a lot like Angry Birds but with few differences.  One difference of this game from Angry Birds is an added element of the Breakout type of gameplay. The game’s orientation is also vertical as compared to Angry Birds’ horizontal approach. The game also plays like a pinball requiring you to time your attack properly as well as position the angle of your slingshot’s trajectory to hit the attacking birds. You’d get to earn combo points for hitting the birds in combination.

When it comes to game design, Must.Eat.Birds however is not as flawless as Angry Birds. But this is forgiveable because it gets exciting anyway, as you progress through the game.

When it comes to graphics, Must.Eat.Birds is at par with the graphics quality of Angry Birds. The game is colorful, enticing to play and rendered in high resolution with attention to details.

Overall, Must.Eat.Birds is good Android game with enough bells and whistles to get you hooked into playing it. Is it as addictive as Angry Birds? I will have to find out soon as I play more of the game.

Must.Eat.Birds is available now from the Android Market for $0.99.

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