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NFL Rivals – Android Game Review


As this weekend kicked off the NFL season, I thought it was just the perfect time to do a football review. NFL Rivals is the newest Football game from Natural Motion games, and it’s also their best to date. Their Backbreaker series of Football games have always been popular, but NFL Rivals takes it up a notch as it allows you to use all 32 NFL teams. The gameplays basically the same, but the addition of the new NFL Points system lets you directly represent your team and support them throughout the season.


The first thing you do when you fire up the game is pick the team you want to play with, and then it will show you the teams rank, supporters, and current score. Those rankings tell you how many people are playing with that team along with the combined total score of those players. In other words, the better you do in NFL Rivals with your team, the better your team will do in the Global rankings. NFL Rivals is easy to play as you just have two sets of action buttons for left and right actions like juking, spinning, turbo, and the all-important “Swagger” buttons . Movement is done by simply tilting the phone forward to run, backwards to slow down, and tapping the screen makes your player jump.


There are 3 game modes in NFL Rivals which are Offense, Defense, and Gameday. The offensive mode has you running the ball into the in-zone while avoiding defenders, and hitting zones on the field to increase your score. Same thing for Defensive mode except you’ll have to avoid blockers and tackle the ball carrier. Gameday mode lets you play alongside your teams’ weekly schedule for 10 weeks through the season. You can also check your players stats online along with things like team loyalty, fan points, and team mates.


I’m a football fan so while I’m a little biased, I can honestly saw NFL Rivals is an awesome game. The graphics are top-notch, and the game ran smoothly on my aging Captivate with whatsoever. The replay value is there as well; you’ll have plenty to do between the offensive & defense sections of the game and Gameday mode. The whole NFL point system was pretty cool as well, and makes you want to boost your team up in the rankings. If you’re a football fan, this is a “must have” game and you can get it for $2.99 in the Android market.

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