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Initially when I saw the game Open Sea! in the market I thought it was just another fishing game of sorts, albeit one with a bearded old man in the logo. I was more than a bit surprised to find out not only was it not about fishing… it involves the age old tale of Moses and the Red Sea. Actually, the hero’s name isn’t Moses, its Mo and mummies are involved so it’s a little bit different from the tale most of us remember. Smiting mummies and wizards can be hard work so chances are you’re going to need a little help along the way.  No problem, as you’ll get assistance from Abe, Nono, and some guy named Jess…


As Mo, you’re job is to lead your people across the sea, and you’ll need to “Open” the sea to do that. The Pixelizers made this easy as you can part the waves with a swipe of your finger. Well, it’s not quite that easy as you’ll get chased by zombies and some folks panic and run a little wild. If you need to shake you’re pursuers you can just close the sea on them or double tap for a little lightning strike. The waves can be open and closed one at a time or all at once; you’re also given the ability to shake your phone to close the sea a few levels in which was very cool. Overall, it’s a really nice control scheme that suits Open Sea! perfectly and makes the game a blast to play.


And now for the numbers… Open Sea has 51 missions set in several different environments, 6 kinds of followers, 5 heroes with upgradable miracles, 3 kinds of foes, and 5 challenge game modes. The main 51 missions are in Campaign Mode and are laid out across a map that gives you a few optional paths. The Challenge Modes are unlocked as you progress and include Crossing the Dead, Save ‘Em All, Sacred Land, Time Trial, and Time Trial Extreme. Open Sea! also utilizes Online leaderboards with Scoreloop so you can compare your scores against the best.


Open Sea! is an awesome little game and about as unique as you can get with the whole Red Sea concept. Making a game based on a Bible story is never an easy thing and making one that’s actually fun is a whole different story. The Pixelizers managed to put a fun twist on the story of Moses and the Red Sea, and they made if fun and accessible to everybody. There’s a free version to try or you can get the paid version for the low price of .99 cents until Monday. Open Sea! is a great new game, and one that’s definitely worth checking out.




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