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Android App Reviews

Here is our list of Android App Reviews. We have reviewed some of the top android apps. If you would like your app reviewed, please visit the get app reviewed page.

Abduction! – Cows are heroes again

This Android app can easily be one of the most addictive games I've played in a long while. When someone tells you that the premise of the game is to save your fellow cow brethren from abduction by aliens you will probably stop for a moment and think to yourself, "What have you been smoking and can I have some?" Ok, maybe not the second part but it sounds weird, I mean why would al...

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Changes in Google Maps Android App

Google Maps Android app is a lifesaver for people who get lost on a regular basis, like me. Recently, Android released a 2.1 update for Android phones that included changes to the Google Maps app. These changes are intended to make the app easier to use and save time. I was curious just what these changes are, so I checked it out. One handy feature is that your desktop Google Maps ...

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Google Maps and Voice Navigation Android App Review

Google Maps is a very powerful Android app and a Godsend for those that want a hassle free GPS. Some phones, mostly from the older generation like the G1, may need to upgrade the Map software that comes with the phone, otherwise any new android handset with GPS has it by default. It stands up to the Google legacy quite well with it's rich feature set and easy to use interface. The...

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Review of Yoga Trainer Droid App

Yoga PoseYoga Trainer by Nex Studios is a Android app that contains yoga instructions and yoga workouts that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It has more features than most yoga apps on the market and contains clear, crisp photos of each yoga move. The best feature of Yoga Trainer is the courses. You simply choose a ten minute course, such as the Sun Salutation Series, and the app will pre...

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WaveSecure android app is a solid one stop solution for the security of your android device

WaveSecure BackupLosing a phone brings in frustration and its share of costs. Apart from hunting for additonal funds for purchasing a new device, there are notional costs too, in terms of time spent in bringing the new phone to 'pre-lost' levels of old phone and sometimes, revelation of important info and data to the thief  and by the thief to others. Ah! that's really painful but it all gets easy ...

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Traffic Jam Android App Review

Whether you like puzzles or wasting time on puzzles, Traffic Jam Free is sure to consume much of your time, but it is a pretty fun app. Designed by JiuzhangTech Ltd, the object of the game is transport a specific vehicle across a map to an exit. The catch is there are other cars and objects blocking the exit requiring you to move each object around until you get a straight path ...

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iMobsters Android App Review

Storm8 has created several games for Android phones that are centered on performing missions, attacking other live players, and making money.  I have played iMobsters for a few weeks now and it is pretty fun but addicting as well. You start off choosing a character and performing a few easy missions to make some quick money.  After you make money, you have the option to invest i...

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Droid Incredible Review

HTC Droid IncredibleHTC Droid Incredible The new HTC Droid Incredible has finally been released. In the U.S., it is a top-of-the-line smartphone offered on the Verizon network. Incredible is both the name of the device and what we think about it. This smartphone lives up to the standard it has set for itself through its name. This new HTC Droid uses the Google Android 2.1 operating system. Although t...

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