Paradise Island Android Game Review


Paradise Island is a new simulation game that lets you build your own little island empire from the ground up. You’ll need to get people to come to your island, and keep them happy while they are there. This Android simulation game has a whole lot of depth.  You won’t beat it in a day or two; it’s going to take some time. If you do get tired of playing, life on the island will just keep on going.

Gameplay & Features

If you’ve played a building/tycoon type sim you’ll be familiar with the gameplay. You need to get people to your island, and build all the amenities that will make them spend their money. You’ll take their cash, and use it to buy and upgrade more buildings. You will also gain XP points that will help you level up. As your levels rise, you’ll be able to unlock a wide variety of buildings. Paradise Island is one of the most in-depth sims I’ve played on the Android platform. Building and making money are the key aspects of the game, and you’ll have to do lots of both as the game progresses.

There really are a lot of buildings available, well over 100 in all. People will need places to stay, and things to keep them busy. You’ll be in charge of building cabanas, and Magnate Hotels, as well as Disco Clubs and Waterslides. If that’s not enough, your buildings will need power so you will need to take care of that too. Your structures can be upgraded as well, so you can keep raking the cash in. There is an awards/achievement system too with over 120 awards up for grabs. The game uses a leveling system of sorts, which was a nice touch. You get XP from completing tasks, and receiving awards. If you are in need of more money or “piastres” you can buy some via Paypal from within the game.


Overall, Paradise Island is a pretty cool game. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is smooth. The touch controls worked well on my phone; I didn’t have a problem placing buildings or demolishing roads. If you are looking for a great casual simulation game you’ll probably like this one. It’s free and available for download in the Android Market.


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