PayPal Android App Gets the Bump Feature

Do you use your Android phone to do your PayPal transaction? Well, if you do and you’ve got the PayPal Android app on your phone, you’d be interested to know that the app just got a new feature, a simple and yet cool feature – bump to send money. It’s the same technology used by another cool Android appBump which is also another cool Android app.

And in case, you are not using the PayPal app yet on your Android phone, allow me to give you some reasons why you might be missing a lot if in case you have a very active PayPal account.

PayPal for Android is a very sleek mobile money management app that lets you send money to your friend, exchange contact info with other Android phone users just by bumping each other’s phones, withdraw funds from your PayPal, request money from your contacts, several money tools (bump phones, split bill, set reminder for payments) and also check your PayPal transaction history,

In short, the PayPal Android app practically lets you do every important things that you need to do with your PayPal account – all in the comforts of your Android phone, where every you and when ever you need or want to.

When it comes to interface, the PayPal Android app is well-designed, works and loads fast and very intuitive. The overall UI takes full use of an Android phone’s relatively small screen and fits in the salient features of the web-based PayPal site into that small screen. The outcome is a mobile application that looks and feels just like the web-based version.

So, if  do your financial transactions on PayPal, you might want to upload the mobile app on your Android phone. While many of you may still feel unsecure about this technology, you never know when you’d need to use your PayPal account and it just so happen that you don’t have access to a computer.


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