Periscope App Review

Twitter’s  Periscope Android app is arguably the best live-streaming application yet and it became available for Android  users last year, 2 months after it made its debut for iOS devices. Since we’re living in the day and age of mobile internet and high tech smartphones with HD cameras, ubiquitous live-streaming was kind of expected and it’s already upon us (think last year’s Google Glass).

The Periscope app for Android represents Twitter’s response to Meerkat, the first mobile live-streaming application which was an instant hit, being used even by celebrities like Madonna and Jimmy Fallon. Enter Periscope, that boldly tried and managed to take a big bite from Meerkat’s market share. And you know why? Well, because it’s probably the best live-streaming app I’ve ever seen to date.

And if you’re asking yourself what’s up with Periscope, what’s the purpose of live-streaming your life, why would you watch a live-stream or broadcast from a (total) stranger? Well, just try it for a few days and you’ll understand what’s so cool about Periscope.

The idea is that using Periscope is like being a live reporter for a major TV News network. You can broadcast any news worthy event you encounter, also, if you follow people’s Twitter account, you can follow their Periscope too, as they’re the same company and guess what: you can be together with your best friend at a special event, like a Game of Thrones premiere (I am just kidding, but you know what I mean), or you can watch a live surgery, feeling like you’re right there, near the operating table, the possibilities are endless.

Basically, with Periscope you can become your own TV News channel, or you can share special moments with your friends, or you can just use it to take a glimpse at other people’s lives, watching them jumping off airplanes (skydiving, right?) and what not.

It’s pretty cool, I have to admit that, and incredibly addictive.



Periscope for Android comes with the same basic functionality as the iOS version but with some Android exclusives. Together with the “explore the world through someone else’s eyes” feature, you can broadcast your own experiences and show the world for others to see through your own eyes via live video.

You can also interact with people through comments and hearts (if you like a video-clip or a broadcast, with just a tap on the screen you can give an instant “like” via a tiny heart), or you can enrich your life by discovering in real time people who share the same interests with you,  based on your location; also you can replay highlights and share your own videos on social networks for your friends to see.

All you have to do is to go to Google Play Store, download and install the app by clicking here, then let the world be your oyster. The Periscope app is free and there are millions of people using it at any given moment, i.e. the boredom factor is not an issue.


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