Photobucket Android App Review

I tend to take more photos with my Android than with my nice digital camera. It’s always with me and takes up little space. But then I have the problem of getting my cell photos to where they can be viewed. Thank goodness I discovered the Photobucket Android app by Photobucket Moble. It automatically uploads my Droid photos to my Photobucket account every time I take a photo. The automatic upload can be turned off, too, if I don’t want the photo uploaded for all to see.

Another feature I like is that I can download all of my account photos to my Droid, if I like. I can also access my account features, albums and settings all from my phone.

The only problem with this app is that if you take a lot of photos within a few minutes, it can glitch. It seems like the app can only take a few photos at a time and it sort-of clogs up the gears, pausing your uploads with no way to re-start them. You may need to shut off your phone and try rebooting it. Sometimes, the upload will restart on its own, though, without a reboot, if you give it enough time.

If you like to take a lot of photos with your phone and you have a Photobucket account, then the Photobucket app is a must.


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