Pick a Piggy – Android Game Review


Physics based games are a great fit for Android devices and very popular as well. Last week a new physics game came out in the form of Pick a Piggy from Dynamic Pixels. Pick a Piggy has you helping Pong, who’s a little toy piggy that want to break free of the dirty old basement and see the world. You’ll help Pong out by bouncing the little porker through 100 levels on his way to freedom. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well, it is and you’re going to have a blast helping Pong out.


We all know Pigs are a bit plump (to put it nicely) and Pong is no different. While he’s rather portly, moving him is a breeze as you’ll simply touch and drag ala Angry Birds to launch Pong in the direction of your choosing. You have two goals for each level; collect stars and make it to the end which is a glowing light in the ceiling. You can pass a level without collecting any stars, but you will have to have a certain amount to unlock the next room.


Pick a Piggy has a grand total of 100 levels spread across 5 rooms – The Basement, Kitchen, Bedroom, Nursery, and the Attic.  Each room has 20 levels along with plenty of traps. You’ll have to avoid rats, spider webs, chemical spills, and electric shock just to name a few. All hope is not lost though as you’ll get a little help from sticky glue, springs, switches as well as a few other surprises.


I really got a kick out of playing this game, and am currently still trying to finish it up. The graphics were very nice and remind me of Pixar and Toy Story. The animations are great as well, and it was fun to see Pong “Ham it up” a bit when the game is idle. Honestly, there wasn’t really anything about the game I didn’t like. It’s a very polished game in every aspect, and having 100 levels also adds a lot of depth to the game as well. No free version is available, but the full version is a deal at only .99 cents.


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