PicSay Photo Editor App for Android Review

PicSay Photo Editor Android app is a simple yet fun app that lets you add cool stuff on photos that you’ve taken using your Android phone’s camera or photos from your computer that you’ve synced to your phone or even photos you’ve taken and stored in photosharing sites such as Photobucket. It was such a great app that Google chose the app as one of the winners in the Google Android Development Contest.

PicSay offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you add words, effects and tags to your photos. Y

ou can also add word bubbles and other graphics to personalize your photos. If you want more personalization options, the app also lets you change fonts, color and sizes of texts that you add to the photos. And after adding these fun effects you can share and send them to your friends or show it off to them personally using your Android phone.

The app works simply. Not to many fancy menu options and processes just to edit your photos. You can easily delete the modifications you’ve made by a simple tap.  Double tapping on an object brings up an option to delete, edit, or modify the object easily.

If you’re fond of  sendin

g personalize photos to friends and family or even if you’re into it just for fun, yo

u’d definitely enjoy having PicSay Photo Editor on your Android phone.

It’s quite commendable how this app can provide such great photo editing features at the easiest way possible. No wonder, it got the Google folks admiration’s during the Android  Development Contest.


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