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Pinball Deluxe Android Game Review

Pinball Deluxe Android Game Review – Features, Gameplay, Graphics and More

Pinball Deluxe is a nicely-rendered pinball game for your Android smartphones. It requires Android 2.1 or higher. According to the developer, the game runs on its native resolution when played on the bigger screen of Android tablets. This means that the graphics will not be pixelized even when stretched out. And you’ll still have a beautifully rendered and depicted pinball machines in all of its colorful appearance.

When it comes to features, as mentioned the game doesn’t have too much to offer. It’s a plain and simple pinball game where the objective is to prevent the pinball from falling into the hole below the pinball machine. You do this by blocking its way and making it bounce upward using the left and right controls.

The game also features 3 different tables – Carnival, Space and Underwater. It’s a free game so don’t even start to ask for more tables. Just wait for the app developers to add some more later on – hopefully. In the meantime, enjoy the 3 tables with their respective unique play style.

For a pinball game, the most important factor to look into is of course the game physics – that is whether the pinball reacts to the different actions that is made upon it. The answer is plain yes. The graphics and animation are flawlessly executed and the pinball moves fast – simulating the real pinball machine game.

Other features of ¬†Pinball Deluxe include – nudges, ball captures, multi balls, mini games and other unique variations. There’s also vibration, sound effects, shaking and more. You can also turn on/off the game sound.

Pinball Deluxe Android Game – Verdict

Pinball Deluxe is a pretty great game. Nicely executed and well designed. The pinball machine is colorful and will entice you to play the game over and over again, if only to get the highest score as possible. You can also compare your scores with an online leaderboard.

Pinball Deluxe is available now for free from the Android Market.