PingChat 2.0 Android App Review

When I recently let go of my BlackBerry Bold 9700, one feature of the phone that I missed a lot is BBM. For me, it’s what separates the BlackBerry from other smartphones including Android phones. But that was before I came across the Android app PingChat 2.0, an instant messaging app that not only works across Android phones but also with other smartphones running on different platforms including iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and BlackBerry devices.

Using your Android phone, PingChat lets you send unlimited texts, photos, and voice notes to your friends which they can receive either on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or BlackBerry phones. Likewise, it also lets you receive messages instantly from your friends. And to make sure that you won’t miss an important IM, the app will send push notifications to your Android phone. The notifications also tells you when your friends have read your messages by sending message receipts to your Android phones. Now, if that ain’t cool to you, I don’t know what is?

What’s good about PingChat Android app is that it is both an instant messaging and text messaging apps. It lets you send IM to your friends who already have PingChat ID of their own. If a friend doesn’t have the ID you can just send them the usual SMS using their contact details stored in your Android phone’s Contacts List. This will open up your phone’s default SMS app or any third-party SMS apps that you might be using. So, in a way PingChat is both an IM and SMS app rolled into one. Now, what more can you ask for in a free Android app such as PingChat?

Other features of PingChat 2.0 include:

  • Group Chat – lets you ping a group of friends using a single message
  • Message Confirmations – lets you receive confirmation when pings you’ve sent have been received by your recipients
  • Multimedia Support – send photos, videos, voice notes, contacts, emoticons and maps.
  • Simple and Beautiful UI – the app has an impressively simple and sleek user interface.

To get the app running on your Android app, you know the drill, right? Search PingChat from the Android Marketplace or use this link if you are using your Android phone to browse our site – market://search?


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