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Plants vs. Zombies for Android – The Review


Popcap stayed true to their word and finally released the popular game Plants vs. Zombies in the wee hours of the morning. I actually stayed up last night as I knew it was coming, but like a kid waiting for Santa, I just didn’t make it. No worries though, I’ve been playing it for the past hour and thought I’d take a break to do a review of the game, before I get sucked back into playing it. If you’re familiar with Plants vs. Zombies, you’ll be able to jump right in and set up your defenses. If you’re new to the game, here’s a brief rundown…


Your job in this game is to defend your home against the evil zombie hoards. Yeah, I know zombies move pretty slow (at least the classic movie ones do), which is a good thing as you’ll have time to set up your defenses. In a nutshell, you’ll lay down plants to defend your home and you unlock new plants after each level. You’ll start out with sunflowers & peashooters at first. The sunflowers give you sun, which you’ll used as currency to buy plants that will stop the zombies. The peashooters are your first real offensive tool, and you’ll start to love these guys pretty quick. The zombies come in waves and in lanes, as your yard is divided up into 5 lanes. There will be day and night levels, and water levels as well; Plants vs. Zombies really does a great job of switching it up and keeping you interested in the game.


One thing I loved about the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies was the depth of play. The Android version seems to have almost all of the same features as well. You’ll get 50 levels in Adventure mode and while it starts out easy, it will get a lot tougher as you get closer to the last levels. There are also 49 different zombie-killin’ plants to use like the Snow Pea, Melon-pult, Starfruit, Cherry Bomb, and my favorite the Gatling Pea. There 26 different kinds of Zombies as well, with the bucket-heads, snorklers, football zombies, and the dancers just to name a few. If you played the original version, it looks like all your favorites have made it over to Android. I haven’t gotten any of the “big” zombies on the screen yet; hopefully they’ll run as smoothly as the rest have so far.


A lot of people have waiting on this game for awhile, but some will have to wait a bit longer as it won’t work on some devices, and it’s only available through Amazon to U.S. customers at the moment. That being said, you can work around both problems with a little help from Google’s search engine. I’ve already read a lot of complaints from people that can’t run the game, some of those folks are on outdated phones with older versions of the OS…what do you expect? It runs strong on my Samsung Captivate so far, but I haven’t made it to the later levels yet. Overall, I’m super excited to finally be able to play this on my phone, and so far it’s been well worth the wait. If you’re a fan of the original, or want to try an awesome game that will steal countless hours of your life, you can get Plants vs. Zombies in the Amazon Market for free!