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Pokémon Tower Defense Review


If you are a fan of Tower Defense games, you’ll enjoy this game. If you like Pokémon, your going to really love this game. Pokémon Tower Defense is a new Android game by developer S & D games. They took the classic Pokémon game and combined it with tower defense. You have your classic characters, with the attacks that made them great. The story line is not bad either. It looks like S & D games are going to have a big hit on their hands. Let’s see what this game is all about…


You start out in Professor Oak’s lab, and have to pick your first Pokémon. Sound familiar? Well after a little bit of dialogue, you get to battle, and it gets interesting.  The opposing Pokémon want to steal the professors special candy, and its up to you to stop them.

You have six slots you can fill with Pokémon from your inventory, but you only start with one. To catch new ones, you just drag the ball over the Pokémon when its energy is in the red. You select the defensive position for you characters, and you can move them during the battle, which is nice. You can also select from different attacks for each individual Pokémon.


It only has four levels right now, but the developer has an update coming within a week. The level cap is set for 10 at the moment, meaning you can level your guys up but not past ten. One cool thing is your Pokémon evolve, just like in the original. I had a Caterpie evolve when I was playing, and you can also stop them from evolving if you choose to do so. You get money for each enemy you kill, which you use to level your characters up. The developer says you can have all 151 Pokémon, but through the 4 available levels I only counted around 9 or 10 total.  It is still a new game and is under the radar right now. With its growing popularity, you can bet it will have some new features very soon.


I love this game. Just the idea to combine Pokémon with Tower Defense was interesting, but the developer made it really fun. It has the original soundtrack, the graphics are great, and the storyline is well done.  I think this game will pick up steam as it gets more notice. It’s free right now and is in –alpha— mode.  Head on over to the market and grab this while you can!

Pokémon Tower Defense