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Practice Cooking with My Play Chef HD for Android


Ever want to make food without actually making or eating the food? Me neither, but that’s the premise behind a game from Appcasters called My Play Chef HD. This game lets you make different foods from scratch right from your phone, and ensures you’ll never burn a pancake or have  another dirty dish.

When you first crank up the game you get to pick one of six dishes and are given the ingredients to cook them with. If the recipe requires an egg you’ll crack it, if you need to pour milk you’ll tilt the phone. The controls are simple to use and impossible to screw up, if you have issues playing this game you shouldn’t be playing games. A few items let you add toppings which is really the only control you have over how your food looks.  When you’re done cooking you can “eat” your food, trash it or save it to view later. There are no goals, time limits, scores, achievements or options to speak of, it’s just a Zen-like cooking experience for you to enjoy.


My Play Chef HD would be a good game for kids to fool around with, but I can’t see too many grown folks getting extended use out of it as there are no goals of any kind. It’s still oddly entertaining and has two new foods coming soon with a Hotdog, and Ice Cream Sundae. The app has been out since last year, but recently Appcasters dropped the old version and went with the new rendition called My Play Chef HD. If you want to get your cook on you can pick up My Play Chef HD for free in the Android market.